AIre is the future of banking

At IFA, we are aiming to develop and operate a Next-Generation Bank. Through AIre we want to create a world in which people have full control over their personal assets including personal data.

In contrast to the traditional centralized information management systems which can be found in our society, this system will be user-controlled. This decentralized ideal will be created with the help of DLT.

The “1A 2B 3C” Concept


AIre means “air” in Spanish and is the name of our concept.
We want AIre to be an essential and natural part of people’s lives, which they cannot live without. Just like air.


BASE is a user data base which consists of the data of the users of all AIre products.
In order to obtain the users’ data, we will always need approval. In some cases (depending on the type of data) the users will be paid a reward for giving up their personal information.
BRIDGE is a digital cryptocurrency wallet. It serves to connect all the products and services in the AIre ecosystem. In the future, this project will be extended to an innovative next-generation banking service.
By managing individual user IDs, BRIDGE aims to provide optimal service.

3C:Credit, Creativity, Curiosity

All products and services in the AIre ecosystem have these three factors in common:

Credit: "shinyo" In our current society, credit ratings are determined based on a one-way evaluation system which is entirely controlled by big financial institutes.
In contrast to that, the AIre ecosystem makes it possible to evaluate each user through various products and services simultaneously, making the process more transparent and fairer.
Creativity: "souzousei" Creativity is a part of AIre in various ways. Firstly, creativity was involved for the development of our products and services.
Secondly, the products are designed to be flexible in order to give space for the users to be creative and share their creativity as well.
Curiosity: "koukishin" We believe that a majority of people’s actions are driven by curiosity. For that reason, AIre pursues projects that will spark curiosity, providing the users with a space where they will want to spend a lot of time in order to stimulate their curiosity.


About AIre