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The Change in our Board of Directors

We are glad to announce the arrangement of our Board of Directors list.
We look forward to your continued support and encouragement for IFA CO., LTD.

◇Board of Directors (of Nov. 1st, 2019)
Chief Executive Officer - CEO                       Masashi Mizukura
Chief Operating Officer - COO                      Kunihiro Katsuragi
Chief Financial Officer - CFO                        Hiroshi Mizukura
Chief Risk Officer - CRO                              Yoshikazu Abe
Chief Marketing Officer - CMO                     Ryohei Osaka
Chief Technology Officer - CTO                    Yoshinobu Shijo
Chief Strategy Officer - CSO                        Masahiko Tamamura
Chief Creative Officer - CCO                        Kenta Sugihara
Chief Administrative Officer - CAO               Miho Takahashi

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